Nance Electric, LLC

“A Loose wire will cause a Fire”

Custom designed logo, website and marketing card for Nance Electric, a family owned and operated local company in Harrisburg, NC with over 15 years experience.  They offer a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services and wanted something eye catching to market their services online and establish their company brand, provide SEO services and integrate social marketing with Facebook.  Designed their responsive WordPress website as a CMS tool, which includes Mike’s Blog, where he can offer electrical advice, tips and more.

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Nance Electric, LLC
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Marketing Card

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Website Requirements:
CMS | Search Engine Optimization Services | Custom Logo & Responsive Website Design

Design Tools:
Adobe Fireworks | Photoshop | Illustrator

WordPress | CMS Setup | SEO Services | Marketing Card | Logo | Website Template | Social Media | Hosting and Domain Name Services